Wine glass and gift box workshop!

These days, I make a conscious effort to look on the positive side of things. I really do. However, no matter how you look at it, 2016 did not start out well for me – from family members falling ill, to having to move out of our home for unexpected house repairs. My crafting/handmade business was starting to grow and things came to a screeching halt when I lost my workspace at home.

Looking back at the last four-five months, I feel grateful that it was not worse. I feel blessed that it is getting better. And I am looking forward to the second half of the year bringing bigger and brighter things. 🙂


At the start of the year, I started Singapore Crafting Socials, a Meetup group that focuses on individuals who love to craft. Then, life happened, and I no longer had a venue for our meetups, and had to put them on hold.

I’m beyond excited to finally announce our first meetup of 2016! For our inaugural activity, we will use vinyl to add an initial and name to a wine glass. The class will include the basics of working with vinyl such as weeding, burnishing and transferring vinyl, sharing about where to get supplies locally, as well as some more challenging techniques like layering vinyl and adhering vinyl to a rounded surface. Then we will also assemble a gift box to hold the wine glass. It’s a great beginner’s level class but also offers something extra for a more experienced crafter. The class fees are only SGD$15!

You can sign up for the class here:

Do join the meetup group as well as there will be more classes and meetups announced over the coming year!



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