Argyle Father’s Day card

One of the things I struggle with is designing masculine cards. My “style” leans more towards pretty florals and pastels, so whenever I have to make something more modern or graphic, it’s a bit of a reach for me.


Since Father’s Day is coming up, I had this idea for a card with an argyle design floating around in my head. I tried to put it aside because I really didn’t have any kind of stamps that would work for this, but for some reason, I kept coming back to it. So I considered buying the Lawn Fawn Argyle Backdrops stamp set, which would have made this card *so easy* but in the end I knew I just didn’t have time to get it shipped in to Singapore.

Finally I decided to try and fashion my own stamp out of some regular craft foam. I only did this because the main shape I needed was a diamond, which was a basic, solid shape. I am not sure how it would work with a more intricate design (hmm – must try!). And of course I tested it first on scrap paper and made sure it would stamp well – which surprisingly, it did!


I used my Cricut to cut out the diamond shape because I thought it would be more uniform than me cutting it out with scissors, but honestly, its a simple diamond shape. If you are really concerned about fussy cutting, then print out the shape on copy paper, use it as a template, and cut it out with an exacto knife. I cut 2 shapes and adhered each on an acrylic block with my tape runner.


I used memento inks (the yellow is Cantaloupe, and green is Bamboo Leaves) and it was super easy to tell if the stamp was inked up well by turning it over and checking the coverage. Then I used a silver gel pen and a ruler to draw the crisscrossed lines. I went back to the Cricut to cut out the letters for D-A-D. I wanted them to be black but only had thin construction paper in that colour, so I cut the letters out 4 times and layered them for sturdiness, then glued them down with Tombow Mono Liquid Adhesive. I *love* how shiny the silver lines are on this card.



Even though I had to get a bit creative in order to find the supplies to make this card, I think that made me enjoy making it even more. It’s so satisfying to know that the card you made is truly one of a kind.